Mark Labriola is the chief creative and visual storyteller for Brand Viva. He got his professional start as a signed artist on Nashville's InPop Records. 

A self-­proclaimed tech nerd, Mark later served as a software and hardware technician for Apple. Following his time at Apple, he spent several years at the REMAX World Headquarters as a technology trainer and the host of a successful internet tech show called, “The Download” syndicated to agents around the world. For the past 10 years, Mark has run a successful creative freelance business serving corporate, startup, and non-profit clients. 

He is known for his signature creative style and has been invited to be the host of numerous events and productions. He is a talented designer and gifted storyteller which brings a unique aesthetic to all of his work.  As a Director, Mark has served in various capacities on commercial shoots for companies and causes both large and small. His run-and-­gun style lends itself to documentary, live event, and high-pressure filming environments.

SARA TRUPPO / Producer

Sara Truppo oversees messaging, client relations, and project management for RTG. She is the former Finance Director for the Colorado Republican Party and got her start in politics as a Legislative Aide at the Colorado State Capitol. As chief fundraiser, she was credited with raising $2.5 million dollars during the 2012 election cycle – the largest amount raised by the State Republican Party since campaign finance reform. Additionally, she managed the Colorado Delegation to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

In 2013, Sara took a hiatus from her work as a political operative and travelled with a film and media team to West Africa. After life­-changing trip, she returned to Colorado with new passion to tell better stories. In 2014, she served as the producer of the State Republican Assembly and created the "I Vote Republican" campaign (a statewide rebranding effort led by the Colorado GOP. ) The campaign received over 1.8 million impressions on social media and positive reviews from the National Republican Party, Denver Post, Vice, and local bloggers.

Sara is known for her tactical and creative approach to re-­packaging conservative messages in a way that feels fresh and relevant. She designs marketing campaigns and Web / T.V. ads for State Parties, Congressional Candidates, Local Candidates, and Advocacy Groups.