Top 5 Niches Where YOU MUST Video Market


Honestly, everyone should do video marketing.

It has almost every advantage over “text ads,” – except in the cost department.

However, some businesses need it more than others. And this has to do with the products they sell.

Below, we’ll talk about those niches. And we’ll mention why video marketing matters for them.

#1 – Coaching/Advisory.

Self-explanatory. You can’t coach people who don’t know you.

So video marketing matters here. And even more importantly, how you present yourself matters.


You might be a fitness coach.

If you’re making a video while sluggish and unfit, you won’t be convincing.

You must be at your best on the day of the shoot.

You also have to project a strong personality. You have to show that fitness affects people’s personalities too.

#2 – Crowdfunding.

OK, this isn’t a business niche.

However, it’s a core part of many business’ activity. And you almost always need video marketing.

This activity is important, especially with the rise of “cryptocurrencies.”

They’ve become popular crowdfunding channels for many finance entrepreneurs.

Why Video Marketing Matters Here…

Because it makes investors feel safer.

They know that someone is accountable (at some level). If something goes right or wrong, there’s someone to talk to.

It establishes trust. And without that, what is a fundraising activity?

#3 – Anything to do With Interior Design.

This includes flooring, décor, furniture, and cleaning businesses.

Interior design is an intensely visual niche. And you almost “always” need images and videos.

If you’re not using them to showcase products/services, then it’s for “before and after” shots…

Showing Your Potential.

Before and after videos are an excellent marketing gimmick.

Almost all consumers love them. Because you give them concrete expectations.

So invest some effort into this form of advertising. It’ll increase engagement and retention rates.

#4 – Anything to Do With Food.

This includes restaurants, fast-food, packaged food, and cooking instructions.

Video marketing lets you showcase the items on your menu. And this is useful for processed foods and restaurants.

You can entice customers with beautiful (and well-edited) recipe shots.

Speaking of Recipes…

You can teach people how to make food on video!

It’s definitely better than reading recipes. Because you get to see the action. And you know the intricacies behind perfecting the output!

Market Your Recipes.

For food businesses, the product speaks of itself.

You don’t need a lengthy product description (except for health reasons). All that’s required is a good photography.

#5 – Online Education.

Look at websites like Udemy.

They’re educational platforms, where most of the information is in video.

If you want to educate people online, you must make videos at some point.

And if it’s not to educate (which you can do through articles), then it’s to brand yourself.

Why? Because you show that there’s a real person behind the education.

You show that there’s life experience too!

It’s also a way to present your skills, especially if your education involves desk jobs (like video editing, writing, online socialization, etc.).